Thursday, May 21, 2015

Old Town Paints - Video tutorials on!

Old Town Paints has recently posted Video Tutorials on
        Check out the links below:

How to Apply a Metallic Dust

How to Apply a Glaze   

How to Apply a Stain    

How to Create a Color Wash

How to Create an Image Transfer
How to Create Texture  
How to Create a Tinted Finish

How to Create a Distressed Finish with Water 

How to Create a Distressed Finish with Sandpaper

How to Dye Fabrics      

How to Paint                 

How to Paint Fabric      

How to Stencil               

How to Tint Wax            

Old Town Paints - Colors

Old Town Paints - Brochure

Old Town Paints - Mustard

More videos to be uploaded....we'll keep you updated!

Be sure to visit your local Old Town Paints Retailer for 

Chalk Style Finishes for all of these techniques!

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