Thursday, May 21, 2015

Old Town Paints - Video tutorials on!

Old Town Paints has recently posted Video Tutorials on
        Check out the links below:

How to Apply a Metallic Dust

How to Apply a Glaze   

How to Apply a Stain    

How to Create a Color Wash

How to Create an Image Transfer
How to Create Texture  
How to Create a Tinted Finish

How to Create a Distressed Finish with Water 

How to Create a Distressed Finish with Sandpaper

How to Dye Fabrics      

How to Paint                 

How to Paint Fabric      

How to Stencil               

How to Tint Wax            

Old Town Paints - Colors

Old Town Paints - Brochure

Old Town Paints - Mustard

More videos to be uploaded....we'll keep you updated!

Be sure to visit your local Old Town Paints Retailer for 

Chalk Style Finishes for all of these techniques!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mustard is Here!

Hi Friends.....

Van Gogh knew what a magical color "Mustard" how often he used it in his paintings. Now...We have just added it to our Shabby Chic Color Collection and made that wonderful color available to the world in Chalk Style Paint!

If you love old world tapestries, rain boots, lovely little flowers, the colors of culinary mustard, flax, goldenrod or maize...this color is for you! can you not feel great bringing a little bit of sunshine into the world? 

I can't wait to see the creative pieces that you will be creating using this happy and warm new color.

It is available in 4oz., 32oz, and gallon sizes and ready for shipment from Old Town Paints!