Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Painted Suitcase" How - To

Hi Friends,

What better way to begin a get away by remembering those favorite vacations from the past.  One of my most memorable vacations is when my husband and I took two of our adult daughters to Europe for a 3 week vacation. With my husband being Italian, and actually living there as a young boy...I was able to actually experience all of those memories that he shared with me over the years.  So....this How -To is an Italian Memory inspired - Vintage Suitcase. How fun to continue adding postcards from vacations to come as well as the names of the towns you visit.

If you don't want to take your suitcase out of the house, and just enjoy it at home...It will make great storage. You can even add legs to create a table for home decor. Think of stashing it on top of a cupboard for a great storage space, or decorate one for each of your children for their lifelong keepsakes!

With this How - To Sheet, you will have step by step directions.  Once again, we have used multiple colors of paint, glaze and sealers...which will give you an opportunity to try Old Town Paints' products that you may be new to you.
Each of our "How To" Sheets  have been created to help you. Feel free to copy them, and share them with be sure to use them in any way you wish. Have fun decorating your homes and gift giving!

Check out our website to find an Old Town Paints Retailer in your area where you will be able to pick up the How To Sheet!

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