Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Lace Eggs" How - To

How many of you have scraps of old Lace and trims stashed away?  This How - To for "Lace Eggs" was inspired by wanting to find a good use for little bits of Lace, rick - rack and ribbons. 

We begin by painting some paper mache eggs and then painted our bits of trim. The Lace is easily attached using double sided tape, and then the decorated Egg is sealed using one of Old Town Paints Clear Finishes.

This idea can easily be adapted to many surfaces including frames, boxes, mirrors, etc. Looking for a  great project for artists of all ages.  Have fun with your family....or invite a friend over for a project! 

Go to your local Old Town Paints Retailer to pick up a free How - To Sheet. If you don't know where your nearest retailer is....look on the website on the "Find a Retailer" tab.

The decorating possibilities are endless......Enjoy!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Egg Garland" How - To

Are you planning this year's big Easter Gathering at your home?  Do you want to take a fun decoration to your family's home for your Easter Celebration?  This could be it, something fun that can be done by your family of all ages!  It reminded me of dying Easter Eggs.  We started with Plastic Eggs and Old Town Paints - Chalk Style Finish Paints. The color combinations are endless! 

Check out the retailers near you at and go into the store to pick up a free How - To sheet.  

Then...all you have to do is gather your family together and make some memories. These Egg Garlands can be strung across your buffet, tied on the backs of your dining chairs and even made into place cards at the table. Have Fun!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Spring Song Guitar" How-To

My husband, John is a songwriter. My dad loved to listen to him sing and play his guitar when we went to visit.  Years ago, my dad gave him an old beat up guitar. It wasn't really up to daily use as a playable "go to guitar".That old guitar hung out in the back room of the house for years.  I actually used it for decorating! moved to the the storage unit, not to be seen for a long time.  Going through the storage unit a while back, it was rediscovered.  

Now with my dad gone......that old guitar has become more of a memory of his love of my husband, than the guitar itself.  I thought....what better way to breathe some new life into it than by giving is a new look!  

So that is how the "Spring Song Guitar" was inspired.  

Just looking at it reminds me of all of the days that John would entertain our family by sitting out in the gazebo by the pond in the backyard of my parents home and singing the tunes he wrote.  I can almost hear my dad saying......"sing us another one John"!

If you are interested in creating a "Spring Song Guitar" for yourself....visit your nearby Old Town Paints Retailer and pick up this free How - To sheet.  You might even want to listen to some beautiful guitar music as you are painting......

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Upcycled Lampshade - How To

How many of us have an old lampshade around the house that has "good lines", but the fabric is just tired or worn out? Have you redecorated your room, but just can't see throwing that perfectly good lamp away but it just doesn't match the decor any more? is your answer!  By creating this "Upcycled Lampshade" you can make your lamp match perfectly in your room, custom made so to speak!

You will learn how to dye your fabric strips to compliment the colors in your room...or even use the fabric that you have used throughout the room and make it without dying the fabric.  

Who would have ever thought that you could "stiffen" the fabric that we used on the flowers that are sewn around the edges with one of the Old Town Paints Clear Finishes?

Visit your nearby Old Town Paints Retailer and pick up the free "How -To" Sheet for this fun to do project.  It is very easy to customize and make your room decorations.....over the top!