Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mason Jar Pumpkins

Mason Jar Pumpkins

These Mason Jar Pumpkins were so easy to make!!!  We hope that you enjoy todays blog and create some of your own Old Town Paints inspired holiday decor!!

Here is what you will need:
Mason Jars
Old Town Paints 
or Shabby Chic Paints 
Fake Fall Leaves
Wine Bottle Corks

How To
Step One:  Paint the jars in your desired color of Old Town Paints or Shabby Chic Paints.  I chose Shabby Chic Paints Soft Sage for the lid, and Old Town Paints mixture of Burnt Orange and Vintage white for the glass. Only on coat was needed but if you are layering multiple colors or using more than one coat let it dry thoroughly between each coat!!

Step Two: Make a Stem.  After lots of thinking on what I could actually make a stem out of, I came across a few wine bottle corks and decided these would work great!  I cut them a little shorter and when I made the cut I made it at a slant to give a more natural look to it. I then painted it the same color as the lid and hot glued it to the top!  

Step Three:  Add Glaze(optional).  I liked how the jars were coming along so far but I felt it needed a little more life, detail, texture, etc.  So I added some Old Town Paints Antique Glaze to the jar, lid and stem.  I applied to glaze with a Brush to the neck and the bottom of the jar in downward and upward strokes, then I took a wet brush and blended the glaze towards the middle of the jar. I also added the Antique Glaze to the lid and the stem!

Step Four:  Embellish, Embellish, Embellish!  I took a long piece of twine and wrapped it around the top under the lid and made a cute little knot/bow, and for the final finishing touch I took some fake fall colored leaves that were purchased from the dollar store and glued them to the lid right next to the stem!!

I couldn't be happier with how this project turned out, The Antique Glaze that I added really added some depth and warmth to these jars, and fake leaves that were added at the end were the perfect finish to these jars!!  I hope todays blog inspires you to create your own one of a kind holiday decor using Old Town Paints and Shabby Chic Paints!!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Old Town Paints, not so SCARY spiders!

Not so SCARY Spiders!! 

Halloween is approaching fast and we wanted to created some Halloween decorations using Old Town Paints!  We decided to take a fun different approach and make some spiders that were not so scary!!  We bought a bunch of big black velvety spiders from our local Dollar Tree and painted them in Old Town Paints "Coral and Tickled Pink"

 We also used some of Old Town Paints Silver Metallic Wax to give these not so scary spiders a little sparkle!! 

We hung the spiders from the chandeliers and got some great photos! 

Let us know what you think??