Monday, August 18, 2014

Party Props using Old Town Paints!

Hey sorry it has been so long since the last blog, we have been solo busy!!  Today's blog is about how I used Old Town Paints to create and awesome party prop for my nephews first birthday!!

After running around all over and finding very little party supplies that had sesame street or Elmo on them I decided to create something of my own..  I found some Ideas on pinterest and this is what I need up with!!'

The first thing you need to do in order to make one of these face cut-out props is a piece of plywood, Make sure you get a piece that is thin because it will be easier to cut the circles out when it is finished it also makes the piece  a lot lighter so when you move it around it is not so heavy!  the piece of wood i chose was 5ft x 3ft.   I painted the board white so that way I could draw the outline on easier.  I used a #2 Pencil to draw the outline of the characters onto the board.
 Once you have drawn the outline on you can begin painting!  I used Old Town Paints to paint this whole project, Old Town Paints has such a wide variety of colors so it was perfect for this project!  I painted the back ground around the character first then, painted the characters fur, and then last I painted the eyes and mouths.  Once the whole Board was painted I used a wide Sharpie to outline all of the characters!  Then I cut two holes, one out of Berts Face and once out or Ernies Face!  Because Bert and Ernie were towards the bottom of the board I decided to put it up on a stand made of some 2x4s.  Everyone at the party loved it and it was a great way to take pictures and create fun memories!