Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Distressed, Re-painted and Decoupaged!

I have been wanting to try some decoupage projects lately, but couldn't think of any ideas.. The the other day while I was shopping at a local thrift store I came across some old wall paper border that I thought would look great along with Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish on a piece of old furniture! 

I had a small plain white vintage chair that Sasha had given me to paint and thought it would be perfect for this project.  

The first color I decided to use was Old Town Paints Tree Bark.  I used a damp foam brush to apply this coat. The dampness of the brush gave it a "wash" effect and you could still see some of the white coming through the paint. I only used one coat of Tree Bark because I planned on layering some other colors on top.

I waited about ten minutes for the first coat to dry then I added another layer of paint using Old Town Paints Stone.  I applied this layer by using a dry paint brush and slapped the paint on in a very quick and messy style (I used one of my older more beat up brushes to do this 

second coat of Cottage White
first coat of Cottage white
After letting the paint dry I realized that it didn't really match the wall paper angels that I wanted to decoupage and normally I don't mind if things don't match(my socks are always different colors lol) but for this project i wanted it all to look like it was made together and aged together!  So I decided to add a final layer of cottage white.  I did two layers of Cottage White, both times using a wet paint brush to give it more of a washed aged look.

Once I achieved the my desired look with the paint, i waited a patient thirty minutes and started distressing!! (The great part about Old Town Paints chalk style finish is that they dry very quickly!) I distressed the edges and then a few spots along the flat surfaces of the chair (I plan on posting another blog today or tomorrow on step by step how I use the sand paper to create these distressed spots).

Once I finished all of the distressing i added a quick layer of Old Town Paints Antique Glaze using a damp foam brush and wiping excess off with a rag.  

Now the fun begins... DECOUPAGE!!  The first thing that you must do is cut out the pieces that you want to decoupage, once you have them cut out pick a place on your project where you want to apply them. In the spot that I chose to stick the angel i applied a thin layer of Old Town Paints Clear Matte Finish then sprayed some adhesive to the back of the angel and applied it to the chair and let dry for a few minutes.   Once it was dry I went over the Angel lightly with just a little bit of Antique Glaze.   I did the same thing for the angel on the back of the chair. once the Antique Glaze was Dry I sealed the whole chair with the Clear Matte Finish.  

I was so happy with the way this turned out and the Old Town Paints Clear Matte Finish worked great for decoupaging!  And you can see in the pictures of the finished project how the layers of color come through after it had been distressed!!  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Painting Appliances!!

Painting Appliances!!

Today we had an Old Town Paints customer inquire on painting appliances, so we decided to test it out on out little fridge that we have here at the office (it needed a makeover).  

The first step was to clean it up (we drink a lot of coffee here at the office and the coffee pot sits right on top of the fridge, so you can only imagine overtime the amount of coffee that have spilt on that thing lol)!  To clean it up all I used was some soapy hot water and a sponge, then wiped it down with a house hold cleaner. 

Once I got the refrigerator completely cleaned up i took a little bit of sand paper and scratched up the outer surface, then dusted it off completely with a dry rag.

The first color that I chose to use was Old Town Paints French Blue.  I applied the first coat then let it dry, then applied the second coat.  Then I chose Old Town Paints Sterling to paint the top and bottom of the door and the hinge. I used two coats of Sterling. 

The refrigerator looked great with
those two colors but, I thought it might just need a little something extra!  

With the help of Sasha I picked out some stencils and we decided that Old Town Paints Tree Bark would be a great accent color against Old Town Paints French Blue.

Once all the stencils were applied and the paint had dried I sealed the fridge with Old Town Paints Clear Satin Finish!!!  The paints worked great on refrigerator and I only needed two coats!  Let us know what you think of the finished project!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creating a Tinted Finish

How to Create a Tinted Finish using Old town Paints Chalk Style Finish

In this project we will show you step by step on how to create a tinted finish using Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finishes.

The first thing you need to do is choose a color to tint your finish, we are using Old Town Paints Brick Red and Clear Matte Finish.  

The Next thing we did was poured some of the Clear Matte Finish into an empty container, then we drizzled Old Town Paints Brick Red into the container with the Clear Matte Finish, you can add a much paint to the finish as you need to achieve the desired level of tint needed for your project

 Then using a craft stick, stir the paint thoroughly to blend.

Once the paint has been mixed you can apply the paint to your project.  We used a sponge to apply the paint evenly, covering the entire project.  You can use anything to apply the paint, ex. paint brush or clean lint free cloth to achieve different looks. When using a paintbrush it is best to paint in one direction and even strokes. 

depending on the desired look you want or how you applied the paint you ca wipe of excess paint with a clean rag, or to remove more paint you can use a damp rag or a damp sponge.  

This is our finished Project, A beautiful heart for Valentines Day painted with a tinted finish made easily from Old Town Paints Clear Matte Finish and Brick Red Chalk Style Finish!!
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Re-Painted Sewing Box Stand

Happy Wednesday!!!  So I have been playing around some of the Old Town Paint colors and kinda just getting the feel for them and see how they work.  This was my first project using Old Town Paint and I was very Pleased with the outcome.. 

The Sewing box was all white when I started this project, The first thing I did was painted the box with one coat of Old Town Paints Chocolate(above). It went on really well and covered the box completely in just one coat!!!

The second step that I did was added a coat of Old Town Paints Stormy Seas.  I used a dry brush to apply Stormy Seas, as you can tell from the picture above I went over with just one coat but I did it very rough and put very little paint on the brush that way you could still see some of the chocolate color.
After I Painted the Stormy Seas color onto the box I decided that I wanted the piece to be a little bit brighter so I added another coat of paint using Old Town Paints Aqua!!  I did the same technique that I had used in the previous step by using a dry brush with little paint to add this coat.  I left areas on the box where you could still see some of the chocolate and the stormy seas color. 
I waited just a short period of time for the paint to dry. After the paint was dry I started to distress it with sand paper.  I wanted the distress marks to look like they happened naturally over time so I started by sanding the edges and corners where the most wear and tear would be likely to happen, I sanded until you could see the white paint.  then I added some more distressed area in a few spots on the rest of the project. 
After I was finished sanding the box and making it look old and weathered I used Old Town Paints Clear Soft Wax mixed with just a little bit of Old Town Paints Purple And Old Town Paints Antique Glaze.  I used an old stencil brush to apply the wax to the whole piece.  the wax went on so easy and quick!!

And TA!DA!, here is the finished piece(above).. The colors might look a little different in the photos but that is just because of the lighting is different.  The wax finish gave the piece such a soft and smooth look and feel. 










Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Old Town Paints New Colors!!

Old Town Paints has created two new colors that will be available soon!!  

Old Town Paints!!!!
Wow so this is the very first blog by Old Town Paints!! I don't even know where to start with this so i guess i will start out by introducing my self, my name is Ashley and I will be woking with Bobby and Sasha here at Old Town Paints helping them Promote OTP thru social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  I have known Bobby and Sasha for a few years now and was so happy when they offered me this job!!! Here is a little bit of info about me, I am 27 years old, crafty, a mother to a 2 month old daughter, i love to paint!!  Last summer I started painted furniture as a hobby, if you have checked out Old Town Paints on Instagram there is a leopard print nightstand/end table that I painted, it came out pretty good considering it was my first attempt at repainting old furniture.  I am very excited now to not only help with social media but i actually get to use Old town Paints now for my favorite hobby.  I am excited to start some new projects with the paints and I will be using this blog to Show step by step, and how to instructions on using Old Town Paints..