Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Birds

"Christmas Birds" How to


  • Wooden Birds
  • Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finishes
          Leaf Green
          Super Red
          Cottage White
          True Black
          White Glaze
  • Sand Paper
  • Rag
  • Jute/ Twine


  1. Lightly sand birds
  2. Paint each bird with one base color - Leaf Green, Super Red, Cottage White
  3. Paint each birds beak with Haystack
  4. Paint each bird's eye with one dot of True Black (using a small brush or a tip of a pencil)
  5. Let Dry
  6. Completely coat birds with White Glaze, wipe off with rag - Let Dry
  7. Switch out string for hanging with 7 inches jute

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tinting Old Town Paints Clear Glaze

Old Town Paints now has a Clear Glaze!!
Old Town Paints already has 4 glazes they are Antique Glaze, Black Glaze, Gray Glaze, and White Glaze and although that is a good variety and there is optiopns to choose from Old Town Paints has expaneded that variety to almost limitless by introducubg its new Clear Glaze!!  Old Town Paints Clear Glaze can be mixed with any Old Town Paints or Shabby Chic Paint Chalk Style Finish Paint to create a glaze in any color you can also add more than one color to create your own special unique colors!  

Tinting/Mixing the Clear Glaze is so easy all you do is add a few drops or a drizzle of paint into the glaze. the less paint you add the more translucent the glaze will be. Make sure to stir the paint and glaze mixture thoroughly for the best results!
The photo show a small amount of clear glaze mixed with
 Shabby Chic Paints "Hot Pink"

Brush or wipe on the glaze just as you would do with any other Old Town Paints Glaze, For best result make sure to
get the glaze into the cracks and the details of the piece you are glazing.  

You can cover the whole peice with the glaze or just the details it is really up to you and the desired look you are trying to achieve, there is really no wrong way to apply it. 

 Once the project has the glaze on it take a damp cloth and wipe away any excess glaze and you can blend and smooth out some of the glaze with the cloth.  For bigger projects it is best to apply the glaze in sections one at a time so that way you can have have more time to wipe away excess or blend before the glaze dries.

As you can see finished look of this glaze is pretty awesome!!  And these angels still have a vintage or shabby chic feel to them even with the bold color of the Hot Pink!! 
We hope that you enjoyed this blog and were able to take away some tips and information to help you in your future projects!! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reversable Fall Decorations

Fall is here and it is time to start decorating!!!!
I feel like I killed two birds with one stone for todays blog!!  I made these sweet little Burlap Jackolanterns, and after Halloween you can reverse them (just spin them around) for a new Fall decoration using the same item!!  

I first painted the Jackolantern faces on one side of a burlap Sack.  The eyes, nose and mouth are pretty simple shapes so I just free handed painting them on using Old Town Paints in True Black.  I also painted some fake leaves in Old Town Paints Burnt Orange and Shabby Chic Paints Soft Sage!
For the opposite side of the burlap sacks I chose to number each sack with a 1, 2, and 3 (that seems to be a pretty popular trend right now)!  I wanted to add something else to tie in the fall theme a little bit more so I chose to also stencil a fall leaf on the side with the numbers.  

                                                           I did not have any 

number or leaf stencils, so I improvised and made my own!!  To make your own stencil you can print out the images that you would like on a piece of copy paper and just cut them out using an X-ACTO knife. Now you want to keep in mind that these stencils are made out of paper and will probably only be able to be used once, If you want to do a stencil that is a little more sturdy you can print the images out on card stock paper or you can go to most craft stores and buy plastic sheets made specifically for making your own stencils!

Once both sides of the burlap sacks are painted to your liking you want to fill the inside of the sack, I was initially going to use newspaper but the sack wouldn't stand upright and kept falling over so after a little bit of thinking, and looking around the shop for anything that would work to fill the sack and most importantly keep it standing upright I finally came across some old, empty 16oz. paint cans.  I placed one inside of each of the sacks and cinched the top with the string that was already attached to the sack.

The last and final touch I added to this project was the leaves that i mentioned I had painted earlier.  I cut three pieces of green twine(one for each sack) and strung two leaves on each of them, Then I tied them arounf the top of the sack. TIP* Don't tie twine to tight because after halloween you are going to want to quickly spin the sacks around and display your new fall decor(the number sides of the sack), and you will want to be able to easily move the leaves to the numbered side. if you are a crafter you already know it is not that easy to untie twine.  

Thanks for reading todays blog!! I hope you enjoyed!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mason Jar Pumpkins

Mason Jar Pumpkins

These Mason Jar Pumpkins were so easy to make!!!  We hope that you enjoy todays blog and create some of your own Old Town Paints inspired holiday decor!!

Here is what you will need:
Mason Jars
Old Town Paints 
or Shabby Chic Paints 
Fake Fall Leaves
Wine Bottle Corks

How To
Step One:  Paint the jars in your desired color of Old Town Paints or Shabby Chic Paints.  I chose Shabby Chic Paints Soft Sage for the lid, and Old Town Paints mixture of Burnt Orange and Vintage white for the glass. Only on coat was needed but if you are layering multiple colors or using more than one coat let it dry thoroughly between each coat!!

Step Two: Make a Stem.  After lots of thinking on what I could actually make a stem out of, I came across a few wine bottle corks and decided these would work great!  I cut them a little shorter and when I made the cut I made it at a slant to give a more natural look to it. I then painted it the same color as the lid and hot glued it to the top!  

Step Three:  Add Glaze(optional).  I liked how the jars were coming along so far but I felt it needed a little more life, detail, texture, etc.  So I added some Old Town Paints Antique Glaze to the jar, lid and stem.  I applied to glaze with a Brush to the neck and the bottom of the jar in downward and upward strokes, then I took a wet brush and blended the glaze towards the middle of the jar. I also added the Antique Glaze to the lid and the stem!

Step Four:  Embellish, Embellish, Embellish!  I took a long piece of twine and wrapped it around the top under the lid and made a cute little knot/bow, and for the final finishing touch I took some fake fall colored leaves that were purchased from the dollar store and glued them to the lid right next to the stem!!

I couldn't be happier with how this project turned out, The Antique Glaze that I added really added some depth and warmth to these jars, and fake leaves that were added at the end were the perfect finish to these jars!!  I hope todays blog inspires you to create your own one of a kind holiday decor using Old Town Paints and Shabby Chic Paints!!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Old Town Paints, not so SCARY spiders!

Not so SCARY Spiders!! 

Halloween is approaching fast and we wanted to created some Halloween decorations using Old Town Paints!  We decided to take a fun different approach and make some spiders that were not so scary!!  We bought a bunch of big black velvety spiders from our local Dollar Tree and painted them in Old Town Paints "Coral and Tickled Pink"

 We also used some of Old Town Paints Silver Metallic Wax to give these not so scary spiders a little sparkle!! 

We hung the spiders from the chandeliers and got some great photos! 

Let us know what you think??  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Party Props using Old Town Paints!

Hey sorry it has been so long since the last blog, we have been solo busy!!  Today's blog is about how I used Old Town Paints to create and awesome party prop for my nephews first birthday!!

After running around all over and finding very little party supplies that had sesame street or Elmo on them I decided to create something of my own..  I found some Ideas on pinterest and this is what I need up with!!'

The first thing you need to do in order to make one of these face cut-out props is a piece of plywood, Make sure you get a piece that is thin because it will be easier to cut the circles out when it is finished it also makes the piece  a lot lighter so when you move it around it is not so heavy!  the piece of wood i chose was 5ft x 3ft.   I painted the board white so that way I could draw the outline on easier.  I used a #2 Pencil to draw the outline of the characters onto the board.
 Once you have drawn the outline on you can begin painting!  I used Old Town Paints to paint this whole project, Old Town Paints has such a wide variety of colors so it was perfect for this project!  I painted the back ground around the character first then, painted the characters fur, and then last I painted the eyes and mouths.  Once the whole Board was painted I used a wide Sharpie to outline all of the characters!  Then I cut two holes, one out of Berts Face and once out or Ernies Face!  Because Bert and Ernie were towards the bottom of the board I decided to put it up on a stand made of some 2x4s.  Everyone at the party loved it and it was a great way to take pictures and create fun memories!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Distressing With Layers!

It is very easy to give your project a distressed look using two different colors.  I am demonstrating this technique on a wood surface using Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint in Avocado and Antique White, I also used a WOOSTER Little Genius Brush and some 3M sandpaper for this project. 
The first thing that I did was painted the base color in Old Town Paints Avocado and let it dry,  Then I applied one coat of my top color Old Town Paints Antique White and let it dry.  
 Once the Paint had completely dried I started to distress it with sandpaper,  First I went around all of the edges and lightly sanded until you could see the Avocado showing through.  If your would like a more heavily distressed look then first sand along the grain of the wood back and forth, then sand against the grain in the same spot until I remove the desired amount of paint, and then just quickly sand along the grain of the wood again to smooth everything out!

 And, this is the finished project below!!!  You can see how distressing it lightly shows the Avocado Paint coming through the white, and you can see the spot where I heavily distressed it also!! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bringing life back into a junky old school desk..

 Here at Old Town Paints we wanted to revamp this old metal school desk, it was a little beat up and rusty but we knew it had potential!!  
After the desk was clean and the top was sanded I applied two coats of Old Town Paints!
Once the Paints had Dried I started the decoupage!
Once The decoupaged details dried I covered the whole desk with a coat of Old Town Paints Clear Matte Finish!!  You can even use the top as a chalk board!!  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quick and Easy Mothers Day Gift Using Old Town Paints!!

Want to give your Mother a special hand made Mothers Day gift this year??  Check out these sweet plaques made by doing a photo transfer with Old Town Paints!!

Here is how we did it!!!

For more information and detailed instruction on how to do a photo transfer using Old Town Paints CLICK HERE!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Old Town Paints Contest!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How-To Create A Photo Transfer Using Old Town Paints!

 (tip:  when applying the image to the surface make sure you have it lined up in the spot you are going to want the image,  it won't work if you have to move the image around or re-apply it)
 (tip: you can also use the sponge to rub off the paper, I prefer to use my fingers because I felt like I had more control over what was being rubbed off.)

Thank you for checking out this blog on How-To create a photo transfer using Old Town Paints!! We will be doing more blogs on photo transfers onto many other surfaces soon, so stay tuned!!